A Sneak Peek on the Mind-Blowing Performance of the Audi A4

Audi A4 is one of those sedans, which has everything going in its favour, with practically no downsides. Be it the ravishing design, ample space, the wonderful interiors, or the power-packed performance, this car is truly a driver’s delight. This also explains why the automobile has been the best-selling car of the auto giant, for a whopping 39 years. Though it has entered into its eighth generation, this car is still revered as the owner’s pride and the neighbour’s envy. Below is an insight on the on-road performance of this beautiful sedan:

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The power of acceleration

Outfitted with a turbocharged 2.0-liter diesel engine, the car churns out 174 bhp of power. The 1.8-litre petrol engine is capable of delivering 167 bhp of power. While the petrol variant is adept at achieving a top speed of 225 Kmph, covering the 100 Kmph mark in 8.3 seconds, the diesel engine can attain a speed of 222 Kmph, by sprinting to 100 Kmph in 7.9 seconds. According to the EPA, the petrol trim offers a mileage of 12.32 Kmpl on city roads and 15.64 Kmpl on highways. The diesel variant can deliver a maximum mileage of 17.11 Kmpl.

The overall drive feel

With a front-wheel drive system, the car renders a relaxing and comfortable driving experience. While the engine is smooth, the electric steering is sharp. This is one car which is quiet as well as easy to operate. Then there are the intelligent switchable engine mounts, S-tronic gearbox, and of course, the noise-filtering windscreen, which further enhance the experience.

The braking system

Equipped with a dual circuit diagonally split braking mechanism, the car performs amazingly on all types of roads. While the front wheels come fitted with ventilated disc brakes, the rear wheels have been provided with standard disc brakes. Other features in this department include, anti-lock braking, electronic brake force distribution, and brake assist.

There is no denying that this car has been engineered primarily for the high-mileage business class of the society. Those looking for Audi A4 Parts , may get in touch with BP Auto Spares India, a reliable auto parts dealer, which has numerous centres selling Audi A4 Parts In India.

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